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MindBodyGreen: Everything To Know Before Getting A HydraFacial – Benefits, Cost & More

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How does it work? 

“[HydraFacials] create an instant glow in three steps: cleanse and peel, extract and glow, and fuse and protect,” says esthetician Darya Rzaca, co-founder of Atelier Beauté. Generally, it follows the same order as a classic facial—but instead of performing manual extractions, the esthetician will bring out the hydrodermabrasion device. They might still perform a few manual extractions afterward if you have any stubborn blackheads, but the device takes care of most of the work. Then after clearing and infusing the pores, the facial will continue with a mask, massage, or sometimes an LED treatment. 

The best part? After you’re done, you get to see all the gunk extracted from your pores (gross, but gratifying). “The most satisfying [part] is to show clients their impurities, such as blackheads, in the dispensary cup after the facial. A proof of detailed work,” says Rzaca. 


  1. Cleans & hydrates: A HydraFacial not only cleans your pores without force but also gives your skin enough exfoliation and hydration with serums infused with peptides, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid,” notes esthetician Aneta Zuraw, co-founder of Atelier Beauté
  2. Protects the skin barrier: By infusing deep hydration into the skin, HydraFacials protect the skin’s barrier as it gently removes debris. “It also infuses vitamins to help heal and nourish the skin as we clean it,” says Nina Carla, medical esthetician at Motykie Med Spa, so it won’t strip your skin. 
  3. Brightens skin: Since HydraFacials infuse the pores with antioxidant-rich serums, they can also help encourage a brighter glow—plus, hydrated skin reflects light and appears much brighter. 
  4. Little to no downtime: “There is no downtime after a HydraFacial,” says Zuraw. Unlike other forms of extractions, which can leave your skin blotchy and inflamed (at least for a time), HydraFacials do not deliver any trauma to the skin. First-timers can experience some redness or discomfort, she adds, but that usually only lasts two to four hours at the most. Generally, it leaves your skin “looking plump, juicy, and glowy,” says Akram. 
  5. Works for a variety of skin types: “It targets many of the most common skin care concerns such as dryness, aging, wrinkles, texture, acne/congestion, etc.,” says Akram. For example, an esthetician might choose a calming, brightening, or hydrating serum booster depending on your skin goals. Even those with sensitive skin can benefit from this treatment, as there is little discomfort and downtime.