Press Release: My Beauty DNA© by Biologique Recherche

My Beauty DNA

Discover the origins of your Skin Instant© with a DNA analysis

With My Beauty DNA©, Biologique Recherche analyzes more than 600,000 genetic variations related to the skin in order to determine the personalized treatments and products that are best suited to each individual Skin Instant©. This innovation will be available in Dublin, Ireland starting from January 2020.

Because our DNA represents our individual “identity card,” analyzing our DNA can provide an abundance of information about the skin’s needs.

My Beauty DNA© reflects all genetic skin factors, taking into account:

  • “positive” genes: with a positive effect on our skin’s appearance and our well-being (e.g. genes that protect against cellulite, the skin barrier against pollution, inflammation, sensitivity, and glycation, levels of antioxidants, etc.)
  • “risky” genes: which could potentially harm the skin’s appearance and health (damage to collagen, cutaneous sensitivity, tanning ability, etc.)

In total, 14 skin characteristics are studied and split into 4 main families:

  • aging
  • sensitivity to the sun
  • sensitivity to the environment
  • skin profile

Each of these traits is associated with a level of predisposition, graded into three degrees: minor, moderate or significant.


Biologique Recherche is based on a methodology which begins with a dermocosmetic assessment of the Skin Instant©. Identifying and understanding the factors that influence the quality of our skin is an essential step in creating a highly personalized skin care routine with the most effective results.

Until now, Biologique Recherche had two visual diagnosis tools to determine Skin Instants©: The Skin Instant© Lab, comprising of five measurement probes to monitor changes in the skin over time, and the Viosiolab©, a cutting-edge technology used to photograph the face in high definition, to scientifically analyze the epidermis’s characteristics.

My Beauty DNA supplements these measurement devices by revealing the skin’s past and future with its unique analysis of genetic heritage. With this innovation, the brand aims to:

  • anticipate skin trends that are invisible to the naked eye
  • investigate the impact that genetic heritage can have on our skin’s evolution throughout our lives
  • determine the skin care recommendations to be adopted down the line thanks to a unique and
    highly personalized approach


To ensure that the process goes smoothly, Biologique Recherche recommends scheduling an appointment with the approved center in Dublin. The center will be able to assist all those interested, from placing an order to obtain a DNA kit all the way to the analysis of results.

Image of My Beauty DNA by Biologique Recherche

It is simple:

  1. Purchase your My Beauty DNA test from one of the authorized centers.
  2. Take a sample with your Biologique Recherche expert, following the instructions for use included in the My
    Beauty DNA© kit to analyze your genetic data and be able to create your personalized report.
  3. Receive your personalized report listing your skin’s genetic predispositions within 5 to 6 weeks.
  4. Make an appointment at the authorized center to share your report and obtain a highly personalized treatment protocol.

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