Biologique Recherche Body Glove


Category: massage glove/ body care/ anti cellulite

Description: This massage glove is an accessory that helps aid in the absorption of active ingredients and enhances treatment results. Its design accounts for the skin’s energy flows. One side is covered in thick spikes to prepare the skin and encourage the penetration of active ingredients. The other side has fine spikes to loosen and eliminate stubborn accumulated fat. This silicone glove is very easy to manipulate and can be used to remodel the entire body. It is ideal for use together with Biologique Recherche’s various products (exfoliators, moisturizers, firming creams, etc.).

How to use: Apply the chosen skincare product and massage gently with the hard side of the glove, then turn the glove to use the soft side and continue using upwards movements.

You can use the Body Glove with any of the following Biologique Recherche Body Care products: Crème B-Stria, Crème R-Stria, Crème Réparatrice, Crème Anti-C, Crème Amincissante Oxygénante MC110, Emulsion Originelle Régénérante Corps, Crème Dermo-RL Corps, Crème MSR-H Corps, Crème Défatigante, Lipogen AC, Huile Sous-Ombilicale, Huile Dermotonique, Sérum Matriciel, Lotion P50 Corps, and Gommage P50 Corps.