Crème Contour Des Yeux VIP 02


Product size: 15ml 0.5 oz

For: Ideal for dark circles, fine lines, devitalized and tired eyes.

Targeted: Brightening, moisturizing, oxygenating / soothing, mature skin

Description: Tones and smooths the eye area with its unique oxygenating and moisturizing formula.  Reduce fine lines and brighten the eye area, smooth and tone, and reduce bags under the eyes.

Ingredients: Essential Fatty Acid Complex, Marine Elastin, Avocado Oil, Specific BR Oxygenating Complex ,

Complex of Matrikines and Flavonoids.

Texture: White Cream

How to use: Apply a grain of rice-sized amount of product to each eyelid (lower and upper) every morning, gently massaging in until the product is completely absorbed.

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